Exploring the 6 Month Mark with Music

Time heals. The thick fog of loss has given way to a more manageable haze. Sometimes the sun even peaks through revealing its glory – reminding me of a day spent exploring Tel Aviv, a walk around Green lake, the University of Washington quad on a spring day, the day Abby and I married, the day she left us. The fog comes and goes with these memories. New ones have now been created now. Singular memories.

It’s hard to believe today marked 6 months. More than 180 days have come and gone and the great challenge of each new day has become finding ways to hold on and finding ways to move on – reminding myself I am right where I am.

I started writing music again this summer. I’m not sure where music will take me in this journey, but it is helping me heal. I want to explore it and I’m curious if my music has the power to help others heal too. So over the next six months I plan to produce a series of songs and stories that I can share about these experiences of love and loss. To make a mark for Jaren and Miri and many others, half of the proceeds will go to support cancer research.

If you want to be a part of this musical journey and would like to hear what I’ve got to share, please make a donation via my GoFundMe campaign and you’ll get access to whatever songs and stories find their way to me.

Many of you are musicians and artists, so if you’d like to participate in some way towards my effort, please reach out. While I don’t exactly know where this journey will take me, maybe you have some ideas we can explore together.

To celebrate making it to this 6 month milestone, here’s one song I wrote recently about transformation and discovery. It’s called “Driftwood Fire.”

Abby loved you all so much and I hope this song helps you reflect and heal too.


Love and healing,


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