A New Year Ahead

Last December Abby and I sat on a Kona beach to celebrate her 38th birthday. We couldn’t believe after the year of treatment she had endured we would be enjoying sunshine and fruity drinks. We were so grateful of the love and support our community showered on us.

In 2016 you helped our family get through our most challenging year yet.  From playdates and school shuttles, to sleepovers and meals, walks and bike rides, to fundraising and supporting my musical aspirations and plans, you’ve done so much for us and we want you to know you are loved and appreciated.

In lieu of printing and mailing holiday cards, I have made a donation to Fred Hutch in honor of Abby and her amazing army of family, friends and supporters.


We wish you all a very happy holiday season filled with happiness and joy and look forward to spending more time together in 2017.

Love and healing,

Justin, Jaren and Miri


One thought on “A New Year Ahead

  1. Jeanne Hubbard says:

    Greetings to the Calvos family……Sending my Best Wish”s for you and the children in this New Year 2017 and the best for all, I think often of all of you and hope that life is becoming more even for all of you and the children are doing well…and that you are well also and that your music is good also….I often drive by Lee’s place where I took care of Abby to just remember all the good times I had there with Abby and Lucus with fondness…Keep well in the New Year and i enjoy your correspondence….

    fondly Jeanne Hubbard


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