Let Vulnerability Be Your Super Power

Summer is in full swing and next weekend I will be back on my bike, riding Obliteride for the fourth year. Along with over 20 other dedicated friends and dear family, Team Abby’s Army will celebrate Abby and raise money for cancer research – every dollar of which will be used for breakthrough research at Fred Hutch. Thank you to my fellow riders for continuing to ride along side me in this journey.

While great advancements are happening before our eyes, cancer persists. With your support we have the opportunity to help end it sooner.

I can still remember when I naively thought that cancer was a disease that affected other people – not me. I expect many people and families encountering cancer for the first time have a similar experience. “Me? Couldn’t be. How is this happening? Why me?” Abby’s diagnosis was the ultimate lesson in vulnerability. The illusion of being guaranteed a long, happy, perfect life had been shattered. Our humanity was exposed.

This year, an old friend picked up the phone to share their recent cancer diagnosis. As I listened closely those feelings of vulnerability rushed back – hot and intense. Now, as Obliteride comes into full view, I’m noticing those same raw, deep-seated feelings of vulnerability flooding back to the surface and I’m reminded that there are so many beautiful, courageous, vulnerable people fighting for their lives in plain view. They are surrounded by communities of supporters and families. It’s messy and beautiful all at the same time.

Obliteride reminds me that every one of us is vulnerable. And while uncomfortable at times, our ability to be vulnerable helps us embrace our own humanity and accept ourselves and others just as we are. It helps us see the illusions we have created for ourselves and gives us permission to let go of those things that no longer serve our real needs. Our vulnerability compels us to live our lives in our most authentic way.

So today as I embrace my vulnerability and make it my super power I’m asking for your continued support. Let vulnerability be your super power too and DONATE to Team Abby’s Army like your life depends on it. Donate because you love your life and the people in it. Because tomorrow is not a guarantee. Because today is the greatest gift you could ask for.

DONATE to Team Abby’ Army to help us end cancer faster.

Love and healing,


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