Complete Wonder

I’m still in awe of what happened at Obliteride this weekend (see video); The bluest of skies, endless love, personal connections, Abby’s enduring spirit. I rode in complete wonder of Abby’s magnificence.

Turning grief into action in such a public way has been an incredibly powerful and emotional process for me and my family. Thank you for coming together to hold this space for me and help make our family’s healing process such a rewarding one for all of us.

Our work is far from over. Just last night I learned of a Bellingham family similar to ours who has moved to Seattle to fight Ewing Sarcoma. As you reflect on what we’ve accomplished together in the past few months, please look into your heart and ask yourself if you have the capacity to give more. It truly is our turn to be the change this world needs. My promise to you, to myself and to Abby is to continue giving our community the opportunity to make this change possible. I hope you’ll continue to join in and ride onwards with me.

Love and healing,




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