Shine on and Ride on

Happy 2018! This weekend something magical happened in Seattle. The days got longer and the sun got brighter. Maybe you got out for a walk or bike ride. Maybe you played or listened to music outside. Lucky for me I got to do both! I could feel all the love and good energy swirling around me. Everyone was happy.

As Winter takes a final bow this week, join me in welcoming Spring and getting ready for a festive and celebratory time of year. It’s time to Shine on and Ride on! Join me.

Shine On

Last year on the anniversary of Abby’s death, I released “Love & Healing” an album about love and loss. Many of you leaned into the music and made donations that went on to fund over $2,000 towards cancer research at Fred Hutch. Thank you!

This year, I’m sharing a new song, Heartwood, to mark this second year of healing. You can continue to help others in Abby’s honor by donating here. Net new proceeds will go to the Healing Center, an organization that helped me find my way forward in life. It feels good to give and I hope you’ll enjoy this music and find connection to someone you love, to Abby, to our community and our collective journey.

Ride On

Obliteride is back in 2018 and so is Team Abby’s Army. This year we have the opportunity to close in on and even surpass $200,000 in total team donations. Register today and come ride and walk with us in support of cancer research on August 11th.

Not a cyclist? Don’t have a bike?

New for 2018 is an Obliteride walk. Help Abby’s Army show up at the Obliteride 5k too. Come walk, jog, run, skip, shuffle, frolic, moonwalk – whatever gets you in the right mindset to cure cancer faster.

Out of town? Already booked on August 11th?

Last year our cousin, Julie Berkus, tested a new way to Obliteride with Team Abby’s Army by renting spin bikes at her local SoulCycle spin studio in Los Angeles. Most studios will accommodate this request. Cyclebar’s Cycle giving philanthropic program is designed just for this scenario and the company has studios around the country. If you’d like to set up a satellite ride in your city get in touch with your local Cyclebar or preferred spin studio and be a Team Abby’s Army Captain. You’ll raise money, get your sweat on, and be with your community of supporters. What could feel better?

So there you have it! Spring is here and it’s time to Shine on and Ride on. Wishing you all a wonderful Spring and hope to see you all much more in 2018!

Love & healing,



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