Gratitude and Training

Earlier this week Abby had her first CT scan since before her surgery and we got some fantastic news. The scan showed no signs of cancer! Take a moment and join us for a collective fist pump and celebratory woo-hoo. Don’t worry we’ll wait…

…Feels good right? Okay, so what does this mean? Obviously it’s a promising sign, but fundamentally it doesn’t change Abby’s course of treatment. Abby’s docs want to take it a bit slower to be gentler on her lone kidney and let her body recover more fully between treatments. This change pushes her treatment intervals from every two weeks to every three weeks and we’ve updated the treatment calendar to reflect that.

Now that Abby has a little more breathing room she wanted to share what’s on her mind:

So, now it’s my turn to give an update about me. Before I dive in, I have to begin by thanking everyone, from the bottom of my heart, for all the love, support, time, organization, spirit, visits and so much more for our family.   Going through such a marathon of a process (which they called it at my first appointment at SCCA), could not be done without our community of cheerleaders. THANK YOU.

I like the marathon theme. As a cyclist and racer, training and long races are an analogy I get. Granted, I would so much rather be on my bike, especially on the beautiful days we’ve been having lately, but we have our “training plan” and we’re putting in the time. In the interim, I’m walking a lot and doing a modified yoga practice, and am always looking for a walking buddy – the hills around our house are a good workout, there is a reason you often see riders and runners doing hill repeats up Madrona Dr.

Most of the time I feel strong and am working on being “present,” which is a good lesson regardless of our situation. My team has tweaked my schedule to lengthen the intervals between treatments a bit so it’s giving both my body a chance to catch up a little bit more, and our family more “normal” time when I’m feeling like me. We took a great trip to Mazama (even got some hiking in), and celebrated Miri’s birthday on Wednesday. Jaren and Miri have settled in to their new routine and we’re getting some good play time and reading in.

And finally a moment to express my enormous gratitude to my training and life partner Justin. He is juggling so much with intention, grace and love. I’m so lucky that 15 years ago around this time of year I spotted him at a Hillel chocolate Passover Seder and wanted to meet him. Justin too could use some riding buddies, to keep his training going… So please reach out to him.

With love, Abby

Please keep channeling your positive energy and thoughts, prayers and meditations that the chemotherapy completely eradicates any remaining cancer cells while being especially gentle on Abby’s body and especially her kidney.

Many of you will be traveling for Spring Break in the coming weeks, so please send us some photos of your exploits. Here are a few photos of our recent weekend in Mazama (thanks Bill and Justin) and this past week’s Passover celebration (thanks Aunt Kiki and Uncle Mark and friends Tracy, Arthur, Tamar and Ronnie)

Love and Healing,

Justin, Abby, Jaren and Miri

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