Meet the Abby’s Army Crest

Who said we can’t have fun while we kick Abby’s kidney sarcoma in the proverbial kidney beans!?

With the immense talents of Nic Thomassen and our friends at Kotis Design, Abby’s Army now has a visual identity and it’s time to celebrate you; the army of family and friends that make so much possible for our family during this extraordinary time in our lives.

Behold the Abby’s Army Crest!


The Abby’s Army crest helps us tell our collective story – how seeds of hope within a rich community bear the fruit of love and healing.  Pomegranates adorn Abby and my most important keepsakes like our ketubah (the Jewish marriage contract) and are a part of our everyday including jewelry and artwork we’ve designed and commissioned.  Like Abby and our community, the Abby’s Army pomegranate is vibrant, glowing inside and out in brilliant pink.  Yellow is the color for sarcoma awareness, grounding us in Abby’s mission and focus.

Cool. Now what?

Tomorrow Abby begins her next 5-day in-patient treatment.  Of course we would love to see all of you, but we know that’s not possible, so here are a few fun ways we can smile together during Abby’s 120 hour inmate status.

  • Feeling smiley? Send Abby a selfie with the crest  (“crelfie” anyone?)
  • Feeling silly? Extra points for a selfie somewhere interesting or hilarious
  • Feeling introspective? Tell Abby what you see in it and what it means to you? Or take a video of your kids telling you what it is that they see
  • Feeling creative? Have your kiddos draw their own crest.  Write or perform a crest inspired tune
  • Feeling hungry? Share your favorite recipe that has pomegranate as a key ingredient

You continue to amaze us with your creativity and love, so keep doing what you are doing.  It’s making a big difference. And as you amaze us we’ll share more gems like these to celebrate your spirit and love.  You can download the Abby’s Army Crest here.

If you’d like to visit us at UWMC, please contact me beforehand to schedule a visit and get Abby’s room #.

Love and Healing,

Justin, Abby, Jaren and Miri

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