Our Journey Continues…


Yesterday, Abby had her first check-up since completing her 9-month chemo/radiation treatment in November.  The results were not what we had expected and Abby’s Ewing’s Sarcoma has resurged. It appears to be localized to the same spot as before. If there’s a silver lining in any of this, it’s that it is smaller than before, is in a “safe” spot (no kidneys this time), and has not spread. Despite this setback, Abby is showing incredible resolve and strength and many of you are already showering her with love and support – thanks!

Not one to waste a minute, today Abby began down a new treatment path with her esteemed team of doctors at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance leading the way.  She’s already completed her first of a 5-day chemo treatment with her new chemo drug friends – Irinotecan and Temozolomide.  After these 5 days, she’ll have 16 days off and then the cycle repeats once more before we scan for progress.  The goal of the next 6 weeks is to attack and then remove the tumor. We will share more details of her progress, but suffice to say anything less than complete healing is not an option and your outpouring of love and support makes us truly believe that long-term healing will be realized.

Things are now moving quickly again for our family.  Despite this setback, we are finding great comfort knowing that you are there with us as we march onwards towards a cure.

How can you help us in this next chapter?

We will be working through long-term planning for meals, home help, childcare, school rides, playdates, medical expenses and budgets, etc. We know from experience that we can’t do this on our own and will definitely take you all up on your offers.  Please be patient.  In the interim, here are some things to be thinking about.

For Abby:

  • Please send your positive energy, prayers, thoughts to Abby as she starts her second wave of treatment.  In our meditation and prayers we’re asking that the cancer remains localized and in a place that can easily for a minimal invasive removal; that her doctors will bring new treatments that fight the cancer – preventing its spread and making it easy to completely remove when that time comes; that Abby remains pain-free with a clear and strong mind required to focus on this new fight.
  • Abby wants to hear from you. Tell her what’s happening in your lives. Share a funny story. Make her laugh and smile. You know what she loves.
  • You can also send her an uplifting e-mail or text during day hours.  Our address is 186 36th Ave. E. Seattle, WA 98112 if you’d like to send a note or pick-me-up through the mail.
  • Meet ups, walks, meditations, whatever, Abby wants to do normal things and be surrounded by her friends. Your energy gives her strength and purpose.  Just follow her lead and energy level
  • Abby will be at SCCA over the next 4 days for 3-4hrs/day.  If you’d like to spend time with her, text her to arrange.  We will update dates / times to the calendar on www.AbbysArmy.org so you can check your calendar.

For our family:

  • Smiles, hugs, positive energy.  Keep it coming!
  • Play dates and child care – our amazing au pair, Ari, just left our family two weeks ago and we’ll be scrambling again to sort through our options.  It may take a village again, while we find our next au pair.
  • Just knowing you’re there will help. Keep asking how you can help.  We found last year that often times we didn’t know what we needed until we needed it.
  • Bike rides, walks and hikes for Justin
  • Did we say hugs?

Please share this e-mail if it can help inform others.  Anyone is welcome to register at www.AbbysArmy.org to get future e-mail updates like this and to stay connected with our community as we begin this new chapter. Please no social posts at this time.

We know that every one of you is very sorry to hear about this update.  We’re still a bit shocked ourselves.  But we are where we are and the most productive use of all of our energy is towards positive thinking.  Stay positive with us and let’s all push together for the best possible outcome. Thanks for everything you do for us.

Love and healing,

Justin, Abby, Jaren and Miri

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